Landscape and garden design services

Laura Anstiss Landscape Design aims to reflect your unique lifestyle and to allow you to balance your busy schedule with outdoor enjoyment. Using functional artistic elements such as water, stone, planting and light, we fashion a place for all to enjoy that incorporates sustainable garden philosophies which reflect their surrounding environment the architecture they offset, and the people who use them.

We work directly with homeowners, and also regularly work with local architects and builders. With these services, we come together as a part of a team in order to achieve a finished product which compliments the architecture and surroundings with the very important exterior final touches in residential projects It is important to us to create spaces which flow with the architecture and local geography while personalising the space, giving a sense of belonging to the people who will spend time enjoying them in their day to day lives.

Whatever your project – large or small, modern or traditional, one area or an entire garden, we can help with every aspect. We offer a flexible combination of design services, from inspirational schemes to fully considered structural layouts.

What you get with Laura Anstiss Landscape Design is a passionate exponent of a ‘grand’ design. Never bland or predictable, the work is driven by strong ideas and conviction in making the garden part of your home.

We are committed to offering a flexible approach tailored to your requirements and budget. We believe that everyone should have access to the very best design expertise without having to sign up for some form of expensive long-term relationship. A bit of objective, professional clarity before a project starts can often help clients avoid not only disappointment, but also potentially costly mistakes.

Whatever your budget, Laura Anstiss Landscape design will do everything we can to make sure it goes as far as possible.

We deliver effective sustainable design solutions for a range of projects, from single developments to landscape strategies for large residential and multi-use development sites.

1. Initial Contact

Call 01580 766251 or email us for a free telephone consultation to determine if Laura Anstiss Landscape Design can meet your garden and landscape needs. A brief 10 – 20 minute conversation should determine whether our skills are what you need. After that an initial site visit can be scheduled.

2. Initial Site Visit

We begin with a face-to-face meeting at the site to determine the scope of the project and to ensure a good fit between the client and Laura Anstiss Landscape Design. We ask a lot of questions in order to determine your lifestyle, usage and maintenance requirements.

3. Proposal and Contract

We will document our ideas and deliverables for you and present them in written form usually within a week of our initial site visit.

4. Site Analysis Visit

After the proposal and contract have been agreed and signed, Laura Anstiss Landscape Design will do a site survey by taking measurements, photograph and taking notes.

5. Concept Development

After the analysis, we are ready to form ideas about space function and locations.

6. Design Development

Following the concept development, we transition the concepts into a detailed design illustrating plants, walkways, walls, and other hardscapes. This design is presented to the client for discussion and revision.

7. Final Design including Budget

The complete final drawing with budget and material lists is presented to the client and used for the installation. The budget is based on using our recommended and trusted contractors. Some clients prefer to choose their own contractors. This will require us to meet with the contractor at the job site to review the site for their budget estimates. If you choose to use your own contractor, additional drawings may be required.

Other services

  • Planning applications and support
  • Plant finder & large specimen tree planting
  • Audio in the garden
  • Schools and commercial gardens
  • Management plans and maintenance schedule preparations
  • Lighting Plans
  • Irrigation Plans