Considerations to the microclimate in your garden

Lots of people will currently be at home thinking about doing something to enhance their garden and ask me what they should consider.

Think about your regional climate, the topography of your site, and your soil type when planning your landscape.

Each individual garden also has a slightly different local climate, there are areas where conditions differ from the local climate.

These minor local variations on the overall climate, often called microclimate, can significantly influence what is grown and how.

Physical features: trees can provide shade, water can provide a cooling effect and hilltops can be windy.

Trees, hedges, walls and buildings can provide shelter, which means they will be warmer.

Buildings give off heat that has been stored during the day, they also break up any wind.

Your surfaces, the colour of the ground affects warming.

The direction that you/a building is facing is called aspect, facing the south will be warmer.