Grow a wildflower meadow

Growing a wildflower meadow creates a vibrant feeding and nesting ground for small animals, birds and insects.

Our gardens and the British countryside were once full of wild flowers and flowering plants supporting various wildlife, but in the last hundred years, the country has lost a lot of these areas. However, you can create something similar in your own garden and provide a little slice of paradise for butterflies, bees and birds.

There’s more to wildflowers than just their beauty. Planting these pretty and fragrant flowers will not only add colour to your outdoor area, but it’s also a great way of attracting bees and other important wildlife to your garden.

The good news is that you don’t need acres upon acres of land to make a mini-meadow. Any patch of lawn in a sunny position can be turned into a rich wildflower meadow that’s easy to maintain.

Finding the best spot is important; it needs to be open and sunny but can be flat or sloping.

A relatively large area is best. You can use some of your lawn, or turn an old flower border into your designated wildflower meadow.

Some species will come through strong in the first year, others in the next.

You should see bees and butterflies begin to use your meadow; grasshoppers too if you are lucky. Birds will feed there, and your wildflower meadow will become a thriving part of the garden.

You may even get a few small animals in your garden within two or three years!