• Love your garden episode 4

ITV – Love your garden episode 4

Programme Number: 4
Family Name: Hall
Location: Bolton
Airdate: Tuesday 19th July 2016

1. Overview of Brief:
An area to help heal wounds and learn to live within limits of a disability. Caroline was an active garden loving young women before a stroke stopped her in her tracks. To restore her garden to an area that she could access, enjoy and tend to would be “the little last piece of my previous life fixed in to my new life.”

2. Personal Requirements:
Family Brief: To have an accessible, wheelchair friendly garden where Caroline could exercise her dogs, sit and relax as well as grow vegetables meant the world to her. Different areas were required for the various activities that Caroline enjoyed before her stroke. Raised vegetable beds, dog turf mounds and calm sitting areas were all much needed in order to give Caroline the freedom to enjoy her garden once more.

3. Details of the Plan:
Knowing that Caroline used to lovingly tend an allotment meant that the planting design had to be perfect for her needs. By creating zoned areas that appeared through the zigzag path leading down to the bottom of her garden, the garden could deliver everything Caroline could ever wish for and more. A complex irrigation system was installed to keep the vegetable beds watered with minimal effort. Bespoke mounds of turf where created to let the family dogs play freely outside whilst accessible on a level path suitable for Caroline’s wheelchair.

4. Specification of Garden:
List of all of the details that went into the garden with supplier where appropriate. details of what work was carried out i.e. irrigation system, building of raised beds, planting plan, furniture, turf, arch, shed etc.