ITV – Love your garden episode 6

Programme Number: 6
Family Name: Hunter
Location: Durham
Airdate: Tuesday 2nd August 2016

1. Overview of Brief:
A retreat to heal the family. The garden was originally designed for the eldest son to be able to safely relax, play and enjoy alongside his hearing dog and his younger brother, unfortunately since the sudden death of the father, the family need to get even more out of their outside space.

2. Personal Requirements:
Family Brief: A space that brings nature to the garden. All of the family love the outdoors but due to the eldest sons hearing problems going out in large public spaces can be difficult and dangerous. Therefore, with the benefit of the natural reserve behind the Hunter family’s house, this brief was all about bringing nature, safe and relaxation to the garden for all of the family to share together.

3. Details of the Plan:
The hot tub is one of the main features of the garden and was on the wish list of the children, this now provides a safe and fun element to the family garden. Raised beds and natural stone walls, patio and concrete table all work together to bring a nature look to the garden helping it to blend into the nature reserve behind as well as keeping the garden fairly low maintenance. By lowering the fence and installing a cubed summer house with a back picture window, the family will be able to enjoy their surroundings even more and hopefully spot some exciting wildlife.

4. Specification of Garden:
List of all of the details that went into the garden with supplier where appropriate. details of what work was carried out i.e. hot tub, building of raised beds, planting plan, furniture, turf, summer house, concrete table etc.