• Sawford family garden

ITV – Love your garden episode 1

Family Name: Sawford
Location: Nottingham
Airdate: Tuesday 28th June 2016

1. Overview of Brief:
The Nottingham garden was an exciting project where we worked hard to provide something for all of the Sawford family. One of the five children suffered a terrible accident as a baby that has affected each member of the family, therefore it was important to create a fun yet peaceful environment in which all of the children and adults alike could play, relax and most importantly enjoy together.

2. Personal Requirements:
Family Brief: The most important requirement for the garden was for it to be accessible by wheelchair, therefore each element was designed with this in mind. Colour played a very important part in this brief as well as low maintenance plants and shrubs to soften the hard landscaped areas.

3. Details of the Plan:
Areas were designed for each family member from the artificial turf screened off at the back of the garden for the boys to the summer house for the parents to sit and relax whilst watching the children play and a sunken trampoline was built to allow the disabled daughter the freedom and fun of play.

4. Specification of Garden:
List of all of the details that went into the garden with supplier where appropriate. details of what work was carried out i.e. painting of playhouse, building of raised beds, planting plan, furniture, turf etc.