ITV – Love your garden episode 2

Family Name: Magar
Location: Canterbury
Airdate: Tuesday 5th July 2016

1. Overview of Brief:
The Canterbury garden was a challenging project where we wanted to make an environment for the whole family as well as a calm and restful place to help Hari recuperate. The garden needed to bring Nepal to Canterbury not just through design but through the hard and soft landscaping techniques, design and atmosphere.

2. Personal Requirements:
Family Brief: The most important requirement for the garden was for it to be accessible by wheelchair, therefore each element was designed with this in mind. Water features were installed to aid the calming and restorative nature of the garden as well as a prayer room for Hari’s wife and a trampoline for the young children all bursting with colour and detail to incorporate Hari’s home town in Nepal.

3. Details of the Plan:

Areas were designed for each family member in mind but the main elements were built to encourage Hari into the garden as much as possible. Colours and textures were used throughout to help bring a piece of Nepal alive for the family to enjoy together. The different zones of the garden were all planned to flow together throughout the year therefore enabling Hari to be able to spend as much time outside as possible.

4. Specification of Garden:

List of all of the details that went into the garden with supplier where appropriate. details of what work was carried out i.e. painting of playhouse, building of raised beds, planting plan, furniture, turf etc.