ITV – Love your garden episode 3

Programme Number: 3
Family Name: Newbold
Location: Hull
Airdate: Tuesday 12th July 2016

1. Overview of Brief:
A garden to dance in was the brief. Iris joined the Women’s Land Army in 1942 aged just 17 and hasn’t stopped growing fruit and veg or dancing ever since. Now at the age of 90 Iris wants to be able to enjoy an accessible garden where she can continue her love of the outdoors, dancing and growing.

2. Personal Requirements:
Family Brief: The most important requirement for the garden was practical for Iris to use and move about in. The beds are all raised to enable Iris to dig, plant and sow a variety of produce. A level ground throughout the front and back gardens was a must to ensure Iris free movement to all areas of her beloved garden. Colour and details were added to the raised beds to remind Iris of her days as a Lady Girl.

3. Details of the Plan:
Taking Iris’s love of dance into consideration, the garden has its very own dance floor covered by a carousel pergola. A water feature in the middle of the back garden was installed to bring Iris peace and tranquillity whilst relaxing outside, while the raised planters ensure that Iris can continue to grow her own produce.

4. Specification of Garden:

List of all of the details that went into the garden with supplier where appropriate. details of what work was carried out i.e. building of raised beds, planting plan, furniture, brick path, water feature etc.