Making changes to your garden

When making changes to your garden think about who will be using your garden and how they will use it. Will children be using your garden? Do you have pets? Are you hoping to use your garden for outdoor entertaining? Remember you can create different spaces for different uses in your landscape using strategic plantings and hardscapes. Walkways can be used to move people from one area to another.

Landscaping ideas start with good research. Take inspiration by visiting garden centres, public gardens, annual garden shows, and even other people’s houses to get a feel of what is to your taste. Take into account your garden size and think about what you need your garden to do for you. Then, make mood boards from magazines and Pinterest of your dream garden landscape.

Since you will be using and maintaining your garden (or hiring someone to maintain it) consider what your maintenance style and budget are. Be as realistic as you can. How much time will you truly have to put into your landscape? How much do you have to invest in your landscape? Determining the answer to these questions will help to ensure the success of your landscape for years to come.