Plants play such a huge role when planning a garden

Early in your planning, you should determine how your plants will function in your landscape.

Plants can be used in a number of ways, they can provide you with fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables, beautiful scenery, lovely aromas, and much more.

Plants can be used as barriers to define areas within your landscape as well as identify where your landscape ends.

You can use plants to create physical barriers in your landscape by blocking both views and access to an area.

If you want to keep your views open, but maintain some barriers, low growing plants can be used to create implied barriers, blocking access but not the view.

Correctly placed plants can also be used to alter your landscape site conditions. 

Temperature, light levels, and wind are greatly affected by the trees and plants in a landscape.

The noises in your landscape can be affected by what you put into the design, such as water features or birdhouses, as well as any physical barriers that keep your garden insulated from noises beyond your landscape.