Watering in hot weather

It is important you water plants smartly.

When the weather suddenly skyrockets with temperatures above 85 F. (29 C.), many plants will inevitably suffer from ill effects. However, with adequate care of outdoor plants in extreme heat, the effects of heat stress on plants, including vegetables, can be minimised.

Generally, heat stress of a plant will show itself by wilting, which is a sure sign that water loss has taken place

The best time to water is early in the morning when moisture is slower to evaporate and water levels can be recharged ahead of the heat of the day. Check the soil regularly – every day if you can – and water if it’s dry at finger depth.

Remember, it’s better to really drench the soil once every few days, rather than merely dampen the surface daily.

Drip irrigation systems set up on a timer are a good option if you’re not able to water daily in hot weather.

Container plants dry out very quickly and may need watering twice a day, especially if it’s windy too. Check that the water is actually being absorbed.