Garden design

Why use a designer

Just as you might invite an architect in to provide advice on how to make the best use of the area inside your house, it makes sense to bring in a garden designer to gain their professional insight on how to maximise your outdoor living accommodation.

Engaging a designer to design a garden is something that most people do only once in their lives, and hence don’t know what to expect.

By engaging a designer you are employing a professional who, in addition to flair, imagination and sound aesthetic judgement, should have appropriate training, experience, and be committed to CPD.

A garden or landscape designer plays the same role with a garden as an architect does when designing a house or extension.

If you are asking yourself, ‘Can I afford to use a garden designer’ you are asking the wrong question.

Any garden designer’s fee will always be a relatively small % of the cost of building the garden (for arguments sake, let’s say 10-20%) so the bigger question is ‘Can I afford to have my garden landscaped’.

However, if you’ve got the funds to build the garden then it’s worthwhile doing it properly.